4-1/2″ Angle Grinder


Model No: GA4542C01

“SJS II” Technology, Variable Speed, Electronic Current Limiter, Constant Speed Control, Soft Start
Thumb Switch With Lock-On (AC)

INCLUDES: 4-1/2″ Depressed Center Wheel (1 Ea. A-95956-25), Anti-Vibration Side Handle (194514-0), Lock Nut Wrench 28 (782412-6), Toolless Wheel Cover (123144-0), Inner Flange (224399-1), Lock Nut 5/8-45(224568-4)



  • SJS II (Super Joint System II) reduces vibration and prevents kickback during wheel lock up for optimal tool and operator protection
  • Electronic current limiter prevents motor burnout due to overloading
  • Soft start feature gradually increases speed to eliminate start up shock
  • Constant speed control maintains constant speed under heavy load
  • Re-Designed gear housing for enhanced shaft lock durability
  • Labyrinth construction features a complex series of channels to prevent penetration of dust and debris into the field and armature for maximum operational life
  • Motor winding protection features “zig-zag” varnish on the armature and hardened powder on the field coils to act as an impenetrable barrier to dust and debris
  • Rotatable gear housing can be positioned at every 90o for optimal positioning
  • Removable side handle can be mounted on left or right side of tool
  • Slim housing design for easy handling and maneuverability


Maximum Capacities:

Grinding Wheel

4-1/2″ (115 mm)

Sanding Disc

4-1/2″ (115 mm)

Diamond Wheel

4-1/2″ (115 mm)

Wire Cup Brush

3-1/2″ (90 mm)

Spindle Thread:

5/8″ – 11 UNC

No Load Speed:

2,800 – 11,000 RPM

AMPS (120 V)

12.0 A

Vibration Level

6.0 m/s2

Noise Level

86 dB(A)

Overall length

11-7/8″ (303 mm)

Net Weight

5.5 lbs (2.5 kg)


Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg


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