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F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter

F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter
June 9, 2018

We feel extremely grateful to have contributed to one of the most exciting programs in Canadian aerospace history, the F-35 Lightning II Program by Lockheed Martin. Two companies in British Columbia, Avcorp Industries and ASCO Aerospace, are responsible for building and supplying components of the JSF to Lockheed Martin for final assembly.

Avcorp Industries is specifically responsible for supplying the Outboard Wings of this modern fighter jet. For a number of years, I had been unsuccessful at attaining any significant business on Avcorp's existing lines such as the Bombardier CRJ700 or Cessna CJ3 aircrafts. Avcorp's longstanding suppliers have not made entrance into Avcorp easy, as common practice in the industry is to drop prices in order to maintain market share and keep out smaller specialty suppliers such as iTech. Fortunately, a number of key contacts at Avcorp remembered my presentations over the years and determined that iTech's expertise and experience in specialty, high quality aerospace manufacturing solutions may be suitable to the JSF program. I am pleased to be considered a strategic partner to Avcorp and their contributions to Lockheed's JSF; I have recently been working with Avcorp to source solutions that will enable them to improve delivery times on their JSF components in a bid to attain further JSF contracts. I attribute this success to the relentless pursuit for excellence and a focus on customer needs.

ASCO Aerospace is responsible for substantial machining work on the JSF program. I have assisted ASCO Aerospace for a number of years with the assembly of Boeing Slat Tracks. My existing relationships with ASCO's engineering and operations personnel may provide useful if they attain additional JSF contracts which require manufacturing outside of large machine centres.


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