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Compressor Assembly Concept

Compressor Assembly Concept
June 10, 2018

Although this specific assembly concept has not yet been approved or purchased by Pratt & Whitney Canada, it represents the technically demanding projects that I have been involved with at iTech. Typically these projects require meticulous attention to detail and effective communication among contacts from the potential customer, iTech, and OEM's such as Atlas Copco. Once the need is identified, all of the technical details need to be scrutinized to ensure that the solution will provide a predetermined return on investment.

This concept illustrates the automatic nut runner for an 8 tie rod compressor rotor assembly. The concept is based on the requirement of measuring tie rod stretch.    A set of 8 linear gauges is interfaced with 8 drive modules that independently control 8 industrial nut runners. The linear gauges continuously measure tie rod stretch and feed that information to the drive units. The drive units can initially synchronize the torque to all nut runners. This allows all the nuts to be torqued simultaneously. When final tie rod stretch is reached, the linear gauges signal the drive units to stop. A touchscreen LCD display can act as both operator panel (start, stop, etc.) and information display (tie rod stretch, torque, sequence, etc.).


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